Augustus 2013


Date : 03-08-2013

Time : 20-23 uur

Offspring – Self Esteem

The Cult – Firewoman

Dilana – Beautiful Monster

Styx – Blue Collar Man

Vast – Thrown Away

Little River Band – Forever you, Forever Me

Pearl Jam – Mind your manners

Threshold – Mission Profile

Europe – Demon Head

Hey Kid – Suits

Thunder – castles in the Sand

Find Me – Another World

Lita Ford – Gotta Let Go

Thor – Lightning Strikes (live)

Trouble – When the sky comes down

Arc Angel – As Far As The Eye Can See

Baroness – Take my bones away (live)

Sinner – Bad Girl

Orphaned Land – let the truce be known

Trouble – Paranoid Conspiracy

Metallica – Of Wolf and Man

Ministry – Fairly Unbalanced

James Labrie – Undertow

Queensryche – Don’t Look Back

Clawfinger – Rosegrove

Valient Thorr – Insatiable

Overkill – Fuck You

Spoiler NYC – Liar Cheater

Dark Age – Afterlife

Firewind – Few against Many (live)

Steeler – Night after Night

Picture – Eternal Dark

High on Fire – Fury Whip

Onslaught – Let there be death

Venom – stand up and be counted

Carcass – Captive Bold Pistol

Six Feet Under – Doomsday

Exhumed – The shape of things

Revocation – Fracked

Coffins – Tormentopia


Date : 10-08-2013

Time : 20-23 uur

David Lee Roth – Just like paradise

Alice Cooper – Bed of Nails

9Giants – Monster Mouth

Samson – Riding with the angels

Journey – Only the young

Afterdust – Motherfucker (Hey Hey)

Dilana – Woman I Am

Molly Hatchet – Rainbow Bridge

Arc Angel – Harlequins of Light

Pearl Jam – Mind your manners

Find Me – Another World

Status Quo – My Old Ways

Maschine – Venga

Iron Maiden – Women in uniform

Rebel Meets Rebel – Nothin’to lose

Fergie Frederiksen – Time Will Change

Clawfinger – Rosegrove

Trouble – Hunters of Doom

Budgie – Breadfan

Sinner – Danger zone

Elise – Over

Ministry – Permawar

Comeback Kid – Step Down

Therion – The beauty in Black

Valient Thorr – Insatiable

Wolfpakk – A matter of time

The Rods – Nuclear Skies

Black Tusk – In days of Woe

Détente – Losers

Heretic – Riding with the angels

Dark Age – Fight

High on Fire – Blood From Zion (live)

Mad Architect – Sailing Away

We butter the bread with Butter – Pyroman & Astronaut

Sepultura – Ratamahatta

Witherscape – The Math of the Myth

Crimson Relic – Prince of Midnight

Protector – Holiday In Hell (CD van de week)

Iwrestleddabearonce – Carnage Asada

Protector – Deranged Nymphomania (CD vd week)

Exhumed – The Rotting


Date : 17-08-2013

Time : 20-23 uur

Dilana – Do You Now

Interviewspecial Dilana deel 1

Dilana – Beautiful Monster

Interview part 2

Dilana – Velvet Covered Stone

Interview part 3

Dilana – Woman I Am

Interview part 4

Dilana – Dead Flower

New England – Don’t wanna lose ya

Vernon Nelly – Superstition

Arc angel – California Daze

Fergie Frederiksen – Last battle of my war

Accept – Burning

Nothing – Dig

Hey Kid – Damaged

Cinderella – Nobody’s Fool

Dark Age- Nero

Trouble – The Greying Child of Autumn

Ministry – Punch in the face

Wolfpakk – A matter of time

Wasp – Wild Child

S.O.D. – We all bleed red

Mad Architect – Mad Architect

Warlord – Child of the damned

Onslaught – Chaos is King (CD vd Week)

We butter the bread with butter – Alles was ich will

Witherscape – To the killing of blood and..

Onslaught – Crucifiction (CD vd week)

Protector – Antiman

Revocation – Invidious

Obituary – The end complete

Iwrestleddabearonce – Carnage Asada

Carcass – Captive bold pistol


Date : 24082013

Time : 20-23 uur

Smells like Nirvana By Weird Al Yankovic

Angels Of The Silences By Counting Crows

Monstermouth By 9Giants

Piece Of My Heart By Janis Joplin

Shine (live) By Collective Soul

Downtown Activity By Lucid Wave

Beautiful Monster By Dilana

She Flies On Strange Wings By Golden Earring

One Soul By Find Me

I'm Allright By Ugly kid joe

Freedom By Jimi Hendrix

Going Down By Guns N`Roses

MAN IN THE BOX By Alice In Chains

Dogs Of War By Michael Schenker Group

You make me sick By Ugly kid joe

As Far As The Eye Can See By Arc Angel

Mayday Mayday By We butter the bread with butter

My saviour By Dark Age

Tatooed Millionaire By Bruce Dickinson

Paranoid Conspiracy By Trouble

In days of woe By Black Tusk

Bombers (Live) By Picture

Palace Of Gold By Wolfpakk

PermaWAR By Ministry

Frantic By Metallica

Riot By Riot

For Better or Worse By DEGRADEAD

Wall of Sound (live) By Firewind

The Allure of Self Destruction By Black water rising

Preachers of Hate By Stainless Steel

Transgressor By Mekong Delta



Bloodbath and beyond By Soulfly

Dead Man Walking By Onslaught

Sons of Kain By PROTECTOR

That's a horse of a different colour By Iwrestleddabearonce


Date : 31-08-2013

Time : 20-23 uur

Weak By Skunk Anansie

Bulls on parade By Race against the machine

Drive By Anneke van Giersbergen

This Ain't The Summer Of Love By Blue oyster cult

Still Got The Keys To My First Cadillac By Golden Earring

Beautiful Monster By Dilana

Monstermouth By 9Giants

I don't need no Doctor (live at Fillmore) By Humble pie

Bad Boys Running Wild By Scorpions

Devil's Paradise By Ugly kid joe

Hammerdown By Ted Nugent

Going Down By Guns N`Roses

Dig By (nothing)

Kiss Me Deadly By Lita Ford

I Get Knocked Down (but I'll get up again) By Joey Ramone

Another World By Find Me

Im Sorry By My Sisters Machine

Dallas 1 PM By Saxon

The Days Passed By Turisas

Moonstruck By Capricorn

Heart Worn Highway By Rebel Meets Rebel

I Wanna Be Your Dog  By The Stooges

Fairly Unbalanced By Ministry

Sonic Reducer  By Dead Boys

Enter the night  By BOMBUS

Fail  By Orphaned land

The Hunter (Live) By Iced earth

Lightning Strikes (Live) By Thor

Fight to Survive By Stainless Steel

Slit The Wrist  By Black (Substance D)

A safe Passage  By BOMBUS

Hel Hath No Fury  By Týr

Cry wolf By Wolfpakk

The Dark Mind By DEGRADEAD

When The Lady Smiles By Callenish Circle

Mother Of The Soul By WITHERSCAPE

Stretched Thin By Primitive Man

Numbing Agents By Revocation