Juni 2016




Date : 04-06-2016

Time : 20-23 uur

Van Halen – You Really Got Me

Skunk Anansie – Weak

Bun E.Carlos – Do Something

Mother’s Finest – Hard Rock Lover

Queens of the Stone Age- Go With the Flow

Dilana – Everywhere

Volbeat – For Evigt

Ten – Arabian Nights

Ayreon – Day Eleven : Love (live)

Jim Breuer & the loud and rowdy – Mr.Rock’n Roll (feat.Brian Johnson)

Phantom 5 – Blue Dog

Jorn – Running up that Hill

Frost – The Rage against the dying of the light Blue

Megadeth – Back in the Day

Monster Truck – Don’t tell me how to live

And then she Came – Where do we go from here

Black Thunder – Sail Away To Your Damnation

Real Friends – Colder Quicker

Badlands – High Wire

Pierce the Veil – Dive in

Blitzkrieg – Blitzkrieg

Vardis – Red Eye

Lacuna Coil – Ultima Ratio

Judas Priest – Metal Meltdown

Stitched up Heart – Finally Free

Tides from Nebula – Traversing

Stonewall Noise Orchestra – Welcome Home

Testament – Over the Wall

Suicidal Tendencies – Feel like Shit: Deja Vu

Denner/Shermann- Angels Blood (CD vd Week)

ProPain – The Truth Hurts

King Diamond – Abigail

Candlemass – Sinister ’n Sweet

Denner/Shermann – Masters of Evil (CD vd Week)

Jinjer – Words of Wisdom

Six Feet Under – Nightcrawler

The Order of Israfel – In Thrall To The Scorceress

Weekend Nachos – Dust

Satyricon – Forfjekset

Nervosa – Deception


Date : 11-6-2016

Time : 20-23 uur

AC/DC – Touch too Much

Georgia Satellites – Keep your hands to yourself

Volbeat – For Evigt

Whitesnake – Take me with you (live)

Autumn – Naeon

Dilana – Supersoul

Interview Iris Boanta (She’s Got Balls)

AC/DC – Hard as a Rock

Van Halen – Unchained

Monstertruck – She’s A Witch

Motörhead – Stay Clean

Elise – Lights

Jorn – Don’t Stop Believin’

First Signal – She’s Getting Away

Visions of Atlantis – Last Shut Of Your Eyes

Higher Than – Broken Tales

Lacuna Coil – Delirium

Alice in Chains – Grind

Lacertilia – Tangled Up

Withem – The Pain I Created

The Mystery – Nailed to the Cross

Black Crown Initiate – Agian

Flotsam & Jetsam – Seventh Seal (CD vd Week)

And then she came – Hellfire Halo

Sacred Reich – Surf Nicaragua

Stuck Mojo – Not Promised Tomorrow

Flotsam & Jetsam – Verge of Tragidy (CD vd Week)

Denner/Shermann – The Wolf Feeds At Night

The Order of Israfel – A Shadow in the Hills

Candlemass – Death Thy Lover

Everything Behind – Hope Run Away

King Diamond – Six Feet Under

Whitechapel – Bring Me Home

Svartsot – Kilden I Marker og i Lunde

Dark Funeral – Where Shadows Forever Reign

Nervosa – Deception


Date : 18-6-2016

Time : 20-23 uur

Kiss – Detroit Rock City

Stiltskin – Inside

Jet Banana – Master is the Enemy

Alquin – Wheelchair Groupie

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Still Unbroken

Four Horsemen – Nobody said it was easy

Heart – Beautiful Broken

UFO – Love To Love

Ayreon – Day One : Isolation (live)

Dan Reed Network – The Brave

AC/DC – Back in Black (live)

Judas Priest – Hell Bent for Leather

Trick or Treat – The Great Escape

Clutch – Noble Savage

DGM – Animal

The Gathering – Heartbeat Amplifier

Jorn – Rev on the Red Line

Big Jeezus Truck – Fear Itself

Jim Breuer – Wannabe

Warlock – True as Steel

Withem – C’est la Vie

First Signal – Kharma

Stitched Up Heart – Never Alone (CD vd Week )

Trouble – The Misery Shows

Sodom – Ashes to Ashes

Flotsam & Jetsam – LOTD

Stitched Up Heart – Monster (CD vd Week)

Angus – Warriors of the World

Pierce the Veil – today

Soulfly – Megadoom

Possessed – Twisted Minds

Black Crown Initiate – Selves We Cannot Forgive

Whitechapel – Mark of the Blade

Despite  All you bleed

Nervosa – Deception

Cough – The Wounding Hours


Date : 25-6-2016

Time : 20-23 uur

Green Day – Holiday (live)

Poison – Unskinny Bop

Volbeat – Black Rose (feat. Danko Jones)

Santana – She’s not there

Creed – Higher

George Thorogood & the Destroyers – Down in the bottom

Monster Truck – Why are you not rockin’

Molly Hatchet – Flirtin’with Disaster

Purson – Electric Land Lady

Heart (feat. J.Hetfield) – Beautiful Broken

First Signal – Love run Free

Rush – Limelight

Anderson/Stolt – Everybody heals

Mötley Crue – Same old Situation

Q5 – The Right Way

Real Friends – Mess

Stevie Salas – Tell your story walkin’

Stitched up heart – Turn you on

Metallica – The day that never comes

Lacrimas Profundere – Hope is Here (CD vd Week)

Revolution Saints – Back on my trail

Trick or Treat – The Great Escape

Asylum Pyre – Instants thru time

Lacrimas Profundere – The Worship of Counting Down

Higher Than – Miss Minded

Saxon – Never Surrender (live)

After All – Rejection overruled

Death Angel – The Moth

Tankard – Alien

Flotsam & Jetsam – Time to Go

Denner/Shermann – Son of Satan

16 – The absolute center of a pitch black heart

S.O.D. – Freddy Krueger

Bélakor – An Ember’s Oak

Myrkur – Haevron

The Vision Bleak – The kindred of the sunset

Dawn 0f Disease – The Saviour’s Tomb

Whitechapel – Venomous