Januari 2017




Date : 07-01-2017

Time : 20-23 uur  Classic Rocktrax !

Guns n’Roses – Welcome to the Jungle

Rainbow – Man on the Silver Mountain

Live – I Alone

Status Quo – Wild Side of Life

Whitesnake – Ain’t no love in the heart of the City (live)

Led Zeppelin – The song remains the same

Lacuna Coil – Heaven’s a Lie

Journey – Seperate Ways

AC/DC – Whole lotta Rosie (live)

Krokus – Tokyo Nights

Montrose – I don’t want it

Saxon – 747

Iron Maiden – Hallowed be thy Name

Faith No More – Epic

Skid Row – I Remember You

Frankenstein – I sold my soul for Rock ’n Roll

Vengeance – Power of the Rock

Bodine – Rock Rosetta

Helloíse – Hard Life

Girlschool – Hit and Run

Scorpions – Lovedrive

Metallica – Fade to Black

Motörhead – Orgasmatron (live)

Mötley Crue – Same Ol Situation

Prong – Beg to Differ

Judas Priest – Exciter

Agent Steel – Agents of Steel

S.O.D. – Douche Crew

Overkill – Who tends the Fire

Venom – Die Hard

Sepultura – Inner Self

Slayer – South of Heaven

The Gathering – Subzero

Grave – Soulless


Date 16-1-2017

Time : 20-23 uur

ZZ Top – Legs

Thunder – Everybody wants her (live)

Paceshifters – Draw a Blank

Frankie Miller – Have you seen her lately Joan ?

Stream of Passion – The Curse

Frenk de Groot – Let’s go Home

The Murder of My Sweet – Personall Hell

Queen – Brighton Rock (live)

IQ – Ten Million Demons (live)

Burnt out Wreck – She’s a Dirty Love (CD vd Week)

Marilyn Manson – The Beautiful People

Rammstein – Du Riechst so Gut

Jurassic Park – Going Down

Burnt out Wreck – Swallow (CD vd Week)

Y & T – Black Tiger

Pride of Lions – All I See Is You

Jack russell’s Great White – Blame it on the Night

One Desire – Hurt

Monster Magnet – Unbroken (Hotel Baby)

Stephen Pearcy – Jamie

Ozzy Osbourne – Forever

Xandria – We are murderers

Ghost Avenue – The Prison

Paradise Lost – Once Solemn

Vanishing Point – I Will Awake

Place Vendome – Welcome to the edge

Sinnery – Mad Dog

Nasty Savage – Psycho Psycho

Ranger – Demon Wind

A Breach of Silence – Falling Away

Propain – Un-American (live)

Ex-Deo -  The Rise of Hannibal

One Bullet Left – One for All

Fueled Hate – Random Thoughts

Oni – Barn Burner

Obituary – Centuries of Lies

Gorefest – Horrors ‘99


Date : 21-1-2017

Time : 20-23 uur

Reo Speedwagon – Back on the Road again

Silvertide – Ain’t Coming Home

Volbeat – Seal the Deal

Heart – Crazy on You (live)

Golden Earring – Still got the keys of my First Cadillac

Night Ranger – Eddie’s Coming out tonight (live)

Paceshifters – Draw a Black

Montrose – Bad Motor Scooter (live)

Horisont – Electrical

Jurassic Park – Rock ’n Roll Machine

Nightwish – Elan

The Wild – Another Bottle

V engeance – Bad boy for Love

Ramones – I don’t wanna grow up

Eclipse – Vertigo

Jurassic Park – Solid As A Rock

Metallica – Confusion

Edenbridge – The Moment is Now

Firewind – We Defy (CD vd Week)

Xandria – Cult of Destiny

Queensryche – Operation Mindcrime

Pain of Salvation – On a Tuesday

Firewind – Warriors and Saints (CD vd Week)

Vanising Point – Two minds one Soul

Armored Saint – Reign of Fire (live)

Megadeth – Washington’s Next

Powerwolf – Dead Until Dark

Virgin Steele – Childslayer (remastered romantic version)

Biohazard – Mistaken Identity

Grave Digger – Call for War

The Unguided – Nighttaker

Brain Implosion – Intramaural

Black Anvil – Nothing

A Breach of Silence – Fair Wather Friends

Six Feet Under – Slaughtered as they Slept

The Drip – The Answer


Date : 28-1-2017

Time : 20-23 uur

Europe – Rock the Night

Georgia Satellites – Battleship Chains

Drive Like Maria – Twilight

Van Halen – Running with the Devil

Green Jelly – Three Little Pigs

Shadowplay – Too Much

Pride of Lions – Freedom of the Night

UFO – Only you can rock me

Magnum – Your dreams won’t die

Krokus – Gimme some lovin’

Nickelback – Old Enough

Horisont – Nightline (CD vd Week)

The Wild! – Best in the west

WASP – Sunset and Babylon

Warrior Soul – Ass Kickin’

Horisont – Without Warning (CD vd Week)

Ghost – Square Hammer

Xandria – Forsaken Love

Jurassic Park – Rock ’n Roll Machine

Nashville Pussy feat.Danko Jones – I’m so High

Firewind –Lady of 1000 Sorrows

Edenbridge – Shiantara

Metallica – the Four Horsemen

Jack Russell’s Great White – Sign of the Times

Axxis – Burn burn burn

Pain of Salvation –Reasons

Trust – Anti-social

Eclipse – Vertigo

Powerwolf – Higher than Heaven

Armored Saint – Last Train Home (live)

Gravedigger – Lawbreaker

A Breach of Silence – Falling Away

Defender – The Journey

Fueled Hate – This Life

Radiathor – Gastric Ulcer

Black Anvil – May her wrath be just

Warbringer – Silhouettes

Six Feet Under – Exploratory Homicide

Antropomorphia – Sermon ov Wrath