Mei 2016




Date : 07-05-2016

Time : 20-23 uur

Gary Moore – Over the hills and far away

Bon Jovi – Raise your hands

Andy Black – We don’t Have To Dance

Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze

Garbage – I just wanna have something to do

Drive Like Maria – Talk To Me

Purson – Electric Landlady

Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion

Haken – The Endless Knot

Nemesea – Can’t Believe It

Dream Theater – Wither

Jorn – I know there’s something going on

Quiet Riot – Run for Cover

Big Jeezus Truck – Miss GTO

Pride of Lions – It’s Criminal

The Answer – Keep Believin’

Dynazty – The Beast Inside (CD vd Week)

Visions of Atlantis – Lost

Vardis – I need to know

Highway Chile – Highway Chile is coming to Get You

Faith & Spirit – Black Moon

Dynazty – Untamer of your Soul (CD vd Week)

Savatage – The Dungeons Are Calling

Zoax – Roses All The Way

Gypsy Chief Goliath – We Died for This

ProPain – Death on the Dance Floor

Slayer – Take control

Otep – No Color

Brainstorm – Scary Creatures

Nevermore – Silent Hedges/Double Dare

Souldrinker – Damn the Machine

Iron Savior – Watcher in the Sky

Paradise Lost – The Enemy (live)

Wrong – Turn In

Caliban – For We Are Forever

Master Crow – Down From the Sky

Ggull – Het Masker Van de Wereldt

Aborted – Retrogore


Date : 14-05-2016

Time : 20-23 uur

Ram Jam – Black Betty

Thunder – She’s So Fine

Nemesea – Get Out

Juicy Lucy – Who Do You Love

Toto – Running out of Time

Travers & Appice – Better from a distance

The Answer – Into the Gutter

Foghat – I just wanna make love

Uriah Heep – Kiss The Rainbow

Dilana – The Elvis Motor Inn

Willie Basse – Yesterdaze

Vega – Explode

Iron Maiden – Prowler

Phantom 5 – Someday

Lacuna Coil – Delirium (CD vd Week)

Jim Breuer & the Loud and Rowdy – Mr.Rock’n Roll (Feat. Brian Johnson)

Vardis – Lightning Man

Ozzy Osbourne – Mr.Crowley

Dynazty – Break into the Wild

Avatar – One More Hill

Joey Ramone – I got Knocked Down

Lacuna Coil – Ghost in the Mist (CD vd Week)

Frankenstein – California (live)

Faith & Spirit – I’ll be your man

Nothing – Vertigo Flowers

Sunstorm – Everything You’re not

Living Death – War of Independence

Leaves Eyes – Edge of Steel

ProPain – The Beast is Back

Martyr – Into the Darkest of All Realms

Lordi – I’m the Best

Helhorse – Raise the Black Flag

Hammer Fight – Gods of Rock n Roll

Six Feet Under – Prowler

Devildriver – Testimony of Truth

Beyond All Recognition – Stain your name

Kvelertak – Mjod

Infestdead – Jesusatan

God Dethroned – God Dethroned

Satyricon – Nemeses Divina


Date : 21-05-2016

Time : 20-23 uur

Ted Nugent – Cat Scratch Fever

Sass Jordan – High Road Easy

Delain – Suckerpunch

Ramones – Rock ’n Roll Highschool

Audioslave – Cochise

Dilana – Beautiful Monster

Suns of Thyme – In dreams Awake

Scorpions – Coming Home

Johnny Gallagher & Boxtie Band – Sick & Tired

Volbeat – The Devil’s Bleeding Crown

Phantom 5 – Renegade

Nemesea – Time to makei t

Jim Breuer & the Loud and Rowdy – Mr. Rock ’n Roll (CD vd Week)

Marilyn Manson – New Modell #5

Van Halen – Somebody Get Me A Doctor

Vega – Explode

Ted Poley – Everything you are

Q5 – The Right Way

Alice in Chains – Hollow

Jim Breuer & The Loud and Rowdy – Family Warrior (CD vd Week)

Crimson Fire – Hunter

Sunstorm – Nothing left to say

Lacuna Coil – You love me because I Hate You

Jim Breuer – Old School (CD vd Week)

Nothing – ACD

If These Trees Could Talk – Earth Crawler

Q5 – Pull the Trigger

ProPain – Foul Taste of Freedom

D.R.I. – Manifest Destiny

Marauder – Metal Warriors

And Then She Came – Five billion lies (feat. Alyssa White-Gluz)

Sepultura – Amen

Mortillery – Bullet

Hammercult – Evil has no Boundaries

Callenish Circle – When the lady smiles

Six Feet Under – Genocide

Poison Headache – Hail Colossus

Satyricon – Nemesis Divina

Dark Funeral – To Carve Another Wound


Date : 28-05-2016

Time : 20-23 uur

Van Halen – Ain’t Talkin’Bout Love

Rose Tattoo – Can’t help it if I’m Lucky

Volbeat – The Devil’s Bleeding Crown

The Who – Pinball Wizard

Within Temptation – Covered By Roses

Caz – Masturbation

Wolfmother – Gypsy Caravan

Y&T – I believe in you

The Company of Snakes – Kinda Wish You Would

Dilana – Falling Apart

Status Quo – Can’t See for Looking

Megadeth – Train of Consequences

Ted Poley – Hands of Love

Jim Breuer & The Loud and Rowdy – Raising Teenage Girls

Q5 – The Right Way

Metallica – I Disappear

Pierce the Veil – Texas is Forever

Imperia – Mysted By Desire

Die Krupps – Nazis auf Speed

Lacuna Coil – Take me home

And Then She Came – Hellfire Halo (CD vd Week)

Motörhead – When the sky comes looking for you

If These Trees Could Talk – One Sky Above Us

Crimson Fire – Bad Girl

Diamond Head – The Prince

Dynazty – Roar of the Underdog

And Then  She Came – Spit it Out (feat. Jen Majura)

Therion – To Mega Therion

Hammercult – Soldiers of Hell

Hellhorse – Among the Wolves

Six Feet Under – Murders in the Rue Morgue

Entombed – Kick out the Jams

Mortillery – Radiation Sickness

Weekend Nachos – All

Devildriver – Trust No One

Gruesome – Raped By Darkness

Dark Funeral – Temple of Ahriman