Juli 2015




Date : 04-07-2015

Time : 20-23 uur

Deep Purple – Strange kind of woman

H-Blockx – The Power

The V – Starshine

Rory Gallagher – Moonchild

Metallica – Until it sleeps

Dimino – Rockin’in the city (CD vd Week)

Seether – Nobody praying for me

Yes – Roundabout (live)

Chaos Magic – A Little too late

Dimino – Mad as Hell (CD vd Week)

Die Krupps – To the Hilt

Ten – The Rainbow

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Dio – We Rock

Interview Veronica Freeman – part 1

The V – Now or Never

Interview Veronica – part 2

The V – L.O.V.E.

Interview Veronica – part 3

The V – Ready to Run

UDO – Man and Machine (live)

Kelly Keeling – Isolated Man

Art of Anarchy – Aqualung

Gus G – What lies below

Next to None – Blood on your hands

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Detente – Russian roulette

Wardog – Welcome to the new underground

A Pale Horse Named Death – Shallowgrave

Ecstatic Vision – Don’t kill the vibe

Devin Townsend Project – Juular

Terror – Bad Signs

Fear Factory- Replica

Between the buried and me – King Redeem, Queen Serene

Death – Together as One

Krisiun – Scars of the Hatred

Vattnet Viskar – Yearn

Gorefest – Autobahn

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Date : 11-07-2015

Time : 20-23 uur

Herman Brood & his wild Romance – Rock’n Roll junkie

Thunder – I love the weekend

Shinedown – Cut the Cord

Angelwitch – Sweet Danger

Dog Eat Dog – Rocky

Gin on the Rocks – Hy on Rock’n roll

Danko Jones – Do you wanna rock

Kiss – Psycho Circus

Europe – Nothin to ya

Dimino – Sweet Sensation

Scorpions – We built this house

Yes – Owner of a lonely heart

Michael Schenker Group – Dogs of War

Kelly Keeling- Sunshine over me

The V – Again

Dee Snider – To hell and back

UDO & Doro – Dancing with an angel

Nine Miles South – The Reckoning

Lindemann – Children of the Sun

Gus G – What lies below (CD vd Week)

Picture – Heavy metal ears

Anti-Flag – Without End

Gus G – Burn (CD vd Week)

Graham Bonnet – My Kingdom Come

Goblin Rebirth – Evil in the Machine

Laaz Rockit – In the name of the father and the gun

Sheavy – Automation

Pantera – Hollow

Pro-pain –Take it to the Grave

Slayer – Relentless

Paradise Lost – Cry Out

Enabler – By demons denied

Between the buried and me – Memory Palace

Graveworm – Buried Alive

In flames – Dead Eternity

Maruta – Hope smasher

Vattnet Viskar – Settler

Dew-Scented – Atavistic


Date : 18-7-2015

Time : 20-23 uur

Deep Purple – Space Truckin’

Status Quo – Two way Traffic

Danko Jones – Do you wanna rock

Faces – Stay with me

Live – Run to the water

Thunder – Everybody wants her (live)

Shinedown – Cut the cord

Molly Hatchet – Flirtin’with Disaster

Dimino – The Quest

The V – Roller Coaster

Led Zeppelin – Immigrant song

Chaos Magic – One drop of Blood

Stone Temple Pilots – Wicked Garden

Europe – Seventh Sign

Tool – Schism

Lindemann – Praise Abort

Pyogenesis – The Best is Yet to Come (CD vd Week)

Riot – Rock City

Fu Manchu – Over the Edge (live)

Spiritual Beggars – Star Born

UDO – Independence Day (live)

Nine Miles South – The Reckoning

Pyogenesis – the Swan King (CD vd Week)

Noctum – In precious time

Metallica – Killing Time

The Almighty – Sin against the light

The Long Escape – Awakened Ones

Therion – Mark of Cain

Strapping Young Lad – Far beyond metal

Between the buried and me – Rapid calm

Sirenia – Meridian

Holy Moses – Undead Dogs

Hammercult – Blackened Blade

Cattle Decapitation – Clandestine Ways

Terror – The Solution

DewScented – Atavistic

Enabler – Suffer to Survive


Date : 25-07-2015

Time : 20-23 uur

Zinatra – Love or Loneliness

Ramones – I Believe in Miracles

Shinedown – Cut the cord

Nazareth – Holiday

Within Temptation – It’s the fear

Brother Firetribe – For better or for worse

Eat the Gun – How does it feel

Four Horsemen – Let it Rock

Steve Perry – Stand up (before it’s too late)

Danko Jones – The Twisting Knife

Guns n’roses – Madagascar

Foreigner – Hot Blooded (live)

Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark (live)

Dee Snider – To Hell and back

We Came As Romans – The World I used to know

Leaves Eyes – King of Kings (CD vd Week)

Black Trip – Berlin Model 32

Lindemann – Skills in Pills

Nine miles south – Fingernails

The V & Tony Martin – King for a day

Mad Max – Lonely is the Hunter

Gus G – Brand new revolution

Leaves Eyes – Edge of Steel (CD vd Week)

Devin townsend project – before we die

Tygers of Pantang – don’t take nothing

Noctum – Until then.. until the end

Flotsam & Jetsam – Hard on you

Rob Zombie – Dead Girl Superstar

High on Fire – The dark side of the Compass

Artillery – By Inheritance

Battlecross – Scars

Hypocrisy – Orgy in Blood

Rivers of Nihil – Monarchy

Cattle Decapitation – Mutual Assured Destruction

Enabler – Suffer to Survive

Krisiun – Dogma of Submission

Hammercult – Rise of the Hammer