Juli 2014




Date : 05-07-2014

Time : 20-23 uur

Bush – Everything Zen

Whitesnake – Take me with you

The Pretty Reckless – Fucked up world

Gary Moore- Bad News

The Treatment – World on fire

Billy The Kid – Another Day

Seether – Same Damn Life (CD vd Week)

Vandenberg – Welcome to the club

Yes – Subway Walls

Jay Smith – Women

Seether – Watch me drown (CD vd Week)

Ted Nugent – Do Rags and a 45

Dream Theater – Stargazer

Ozzy Osbourne – Shot in the Dark

Fair Warning – Here comes the heartache

Dreamquest – Black rose

Black Trip – Putting out the Fire

Judas Priest – Before the Dawn

Picture – Funky Town

The Dagger – Ahead of you all

Mastodon – Once more round the Sun

Brimstone Coven – The Séance

Virgin Steele – Invictus

Channel Zero – Duisternis

Jim Martin – Disco Dust

Dokken – Liar

Duff McKagan’s Loaded – I See Through You

Zarpa – Metal Bats

Lazer/Wulf – Mutual End

Tombs – Echoes

Feed the Rhino – Black Horse

Goatwhore – Beyond the spell of discontent

Monuments – Quasimodo

Dismember – Massive Killing Capacity

God Macabre – Ashes of Mourning Life

Crowbar – Symbolic Suicide

Dyscarnate – In the face of Armageddon

Entrails – Euthanasia


Date : 12-07-2014

Time : 20-23 uur

Van Halen – Can’t stop loving you

Ash – Goldfinger

Seether – See you at the bottom

Humble Pie – Hallelujah I love her So (Live Fillmore)

The Offspring – You’re gonna go fast kid

Ted Nugent – I love my bbq (CD vd Week)

The Pretty Reckless –Fucked up world

The Prodigal Sons – In another land

Yes – In a world of our own

Ted Nugent – Never stop Believing (CD vd Week)

Europe – Let the good times rock

Flood of Red – Cutting Limes

Manowar – Blow your speakers

Nightwish – Ever Dream

Voyager – Peacekeeper

Alice Cooper – Catch me if you can

L.A.Guns – Sex Action

The Dagger – 1978

Fair Warning – Get a little Closer (live)

Artimus Pyledriver – High Life

Metallica – The day that never comes

Mastodon – High road

Benedictum – Apex Nation

Brimstone Coven – Cosmic Communion

Propain – Hate Marches on

Blackout – Bleeding Moon (Live)

Saxon – Never Surrender

Holy Moses – One Step ahead of Death

Monuments – I The Creator

Pungent Stench – I’m a family man

Brain Implosion – In your face

Feed the Rhino – Finish the Game

Borknagar – Worldwide

Ultramantis Black – Sentience

Entrails – Euthanasia

Mortals – View from a Tower


Date : 19-07-2014

Time : 20-23 uur

Journey – Wheel in the Sky (live)

Aerosmith – Chip away the stone

Vandenberg’s Moonkings – Good Thing

Sweet – Fox on the Run

The Treatment – What’s there to say?

Within Temptation – Covered by Roses

Seether – Nobody Praying for me

Guns n’Roses – Knockin’on heaven’s Door

Boston – Heaven on earth

Ace Frehley – I wanna hold you

Uriah Heep – Speed of Sound

Flood of Red – Cutting Limes

Night Ranger – Rollin’On

Jerry Cantrell – Spiderbite

Mótley Crue – Wild Side

The Dagger – Nocturnal Triumph

Ted Nugent – Throttledown

Nothing More – First Punch

Mastodon – The Motherload

Unisonic – For the Kingdom

Wovenwar – Archers (CD vd Week)

Motörhead – In the name of Tragedy

Astral Doors – Disciples fo the Dragon

Brimstone coven – Behold, The Annunaki

Wovenwar – Death to Rights  (CD vd Week)

Annihilator – Never, neverland

Monte Pittman – Everything’s Undone

King Dude – Fear is all you know

Epica – the Second Stone

Ministry – Unsung

Triptykon – Aurorae

Morbus Chron – Terminus

Martyr Defiled – Deathstars

King of Asgard – The Heritage Throne

Mortals – Devilspell

Ultramantis Black – Stockspilling Graves

Entrails – Evil obsession


Date : 26-07-2014

Time : 20-23 uur

Bon Jovi – Raise your hands

Zebrahead – Playmate of the Year

Dario Mars & the Guillotines – Death is dead

Ram Jam – Black Betty

Burma Shave – Come Around

Ace Frehley – Gimme a feeling (CD vd Week)

Vandenberg’s Moonkings – Good thing

Sammy Hagar – I’ve done everything for you

Fish – Faith Healer

Godsmack – 1000 HP

Ace Frehley – Space Invader (CD vd Week)

Dream Theater – Another Day

Ted Nugent – Fear itself

Seether – Words as weapons

Rammstein – Links 234

Life of Agony – Gently Sentimental

Brother Firetribe – Heart full of Fire

Cirrha Niva – Dreamon

Emil Bulls – I wanna feel you

Highway Chile – Carol, lady of the dark room

Fair Warning – I’ll be there

Metal Church – Weight of the World

Astral Doors – Southern Conjuration

Black Label Society – Say what you will

Wovenwar – Tempest

Lizzy Borden – There will be blood tonight

Unisonic – You come Undone

Paradise Lost – Gothic

Brimstone Coven – Son of the Morning

Valient Thorr – Crowdpleaser

Epica – Reverence – living in the heart

Sceptic Flesh – Communion

Electric wiard – I Am Nothing

Pestilence – Bacterial surgery

Monuments – Saga City

Feed the Rhino – Keep your purpose hitman

Dimmu Borgir – Spellbound (by the devil )

Goatwhore – FBS

Entrails – Evil Obsession

Dictated – The Basher