Juni 2015




Date : 13-06-2015  (06-06-15 no Rocktrax due to Stonerock Radio show)

Time : 20-23 uur

Therapy? – Nowhere

Aerosmith – Get a Grip

Delain – Sing to Me

Angel – Rock & Rollers

Thief in the Night – No One Else

The Prodigal Sons – Gone (live pinkpop)

Art of Anarchy – Death of it (CD vd Week)

Blackfoot – Good Morning (live)

Rush – Spirit of Radio (live)

Whitesnake – Stormbringer

Vennart – Operate

Ramones – Psycho Therapy

Pyogenesis – Would you take

Art of Anarchy – Small Batch of Whiskey

The Rods – Let them eat Metal

The Other – Dreaming of the Devil

House of Lords – 100 MpH

Ozzy Osbourne – Black Skies

Never a Hero – Mr. Munchhausen

Armored Saint – In and Instant

Beauvoir Free – There’s no Starting Over

Anti-Flag – Walk Away

WASP – Scream until you likei t

Devin Townsend Project – March of the Poozers

Nevermore – Next in Line

Disturbed – Prayer

High on Fire – The Black Plot

Slab! – Tunnel of Love

Virgin Steele – Queen of the dead

ProPain – Souls on fire

Kreator – Violent Revolution

Unleash the Sky – Carry On

Paradise Lost – Punishment through Time

Graveworm – Blood Torture Death

Dew-Scented – Ode to Extinction

Cut-Up – Burial Time

Tribulation – Strains of Horror


Date : 20-6-2015

Time : 20-23 uur

Slade – Radio Wall of Sound

Rose Tattoo – Sidewalk Sally

K’s Choice – Bag full of concrete

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Truck Drivin’s Man

Ugly Kid Joe – Devil’s Paradise

Manic Eden – Can you feel it

Tito & Tarantula – Jokes on Me

Reo Speedwagon – Time for me to fly

Vennart – Duke Fame

Faith No More – Black Friday

Guns n’Roses – There was a Time

Led Zeppelin- Sugar Mama

Shinedown – Devour

Queensryche – The Needle Lies

Anti-Flag – Break Something

Beauvoir Free – Morning After

Art of Anarchy – The Drift

Saxon – The Thin Red Line

The Other – Screams in the Black House

Cain’s Offering – the Best of Times

Iron Maiden – The Clairvoyant

A Life Divided – Own Mistake

Heir Apparent – And.. Dogro Lived On

Motörhead – In the name of Tragedy

Tristania – Sanguine Sky

Anthrax – Medusa

Gilgamesj – Revolution

High on Fire – The Falconist (CD vd Week)

Annihilator – King of the Kill

General Lee – Fuel Injected Suicide Machine

ProPain – Hellride

Slayer – Repentless

High on Fire – The Sunless Years (CD vd Week)

Paradise Lost – Flesh from Bone

Voron – Is suicide my fate

Sepultura – Dead Embryonic Cells

Graveworm – Liars to the Lions

Cut Up – Order of the Chainsaw

Ataraxie – The tree of life and death


Date : 27-06-2015

Time : 20-23 uur

Ted Nugent – Cat Scratch Fever

Green Day – 86

Delain – Sing to me

Krokus – Heatstrokes

Shinedown – Sound of Madness

Cazmelion – If I Were Rich

Led Zeppelin – Sugar Mama

Hawkwind – Levitation

Kelly Keeling – No man’s land

Chaos Magic – I’m Alive

Journey – Never too late

Dimino – Never Again

Trouble – Come touch the sky

Lacuna Coil – Unspoken

The V – Now or Never (CD vd Week)

Art of Anarchy – Get on Down

Heaven & Hell – Bible Black

American Heartbreak – Superstar

The V – Kiss my Lips (CD vd Week)

Anti-Flag – The Great Divide

Graham Bonnett – My Kingdom Come

Unleash the Sky – Faithkeeper

Kyuss – Thumb

Next to None – You are not me

Turbowolf – Good Hand

Nailbomb – World of Shit

Arch Rival – Ultra-Violence

Iced Earth – Dark Saga

Sloburn – July

High on Fire – The Sunless Years

Slayer – Repentless

Paradise Lost – Terminal

Between the buried and me – Famine Wolf

Cut Up – Order of the Chainsaw

Skinless – Serpenticide

Ataraxie – The Tree of Life and Death