November 2013


Date : 2-11-2013

Time : 20-23 uur

Therapy? – Nowhere

Live – The Dolphin’s Cry

Ajenda – Tattoo

Rainbow – Since you’ve been Gone

Nickelback – Too Bad

Ayreon – Lighthouse

Ugly Kid Joe – Love Ain’t True

Def Leppard – Bringing on the heartbreak

Seventh Key – When love sets you free

Sammy Hagar – Bad on Fords and Chevrolets

The John Hayes Project feat. T.I.M. – Carbon Footprint

Deep Purple – Vincent Price

Steve Hackett – Dance on a Vulcano

Peter Pan Speed – Resurrection

Lita Ford – Kiss me deadly

Die Krupps – Ein Blick zuruck in Zorn

Vengeance – Goodbey Mother Sky

Martyr – Speed of Samurai

Spiritual Beggars – Blind Mountain

Truckfighters – The Chairman

Helloween – I Want Out (live)

Devin Townsend Project – Vampira

Mad Max – Revolution

Mystery – Freedom

Destruction – Mad Butcher

Paradise Lost – The last fallen savior

Place Vendome – Heaven Lost

Red Fang – Doen

Pro-Pain – One Shot One Kill (CD van de week)

Toxic Holocaust – Acid Fuzz

Betzefer – Copkiller

Pro-Pain – Can’t stop the pain (CD van de week)

A Breach of Silence – Hollow Grounds

Artillery – Legions of Artillery

Treblinka – Hail to Cruelty

Necrowretch – Putrefactive Infestation

Satan’s Wrath – Archfiend

Hail of Bullets – Farewell to Africa


Date : 9-11-2013

Time : 20-23 uur

Uriah Heep – Easy Livin’

Journey – Anyway you want it

Vengeance – Back to Square One

Santana – She’s Not There

Ugly Kid Joe – No One Survives

Calvin Russell – I never cared for you

Volbeat – Lonesome rider

David Coverdale – Last Note of Freedom

Seventh Key – Lay it on the Line

Darkhaus – Life Worth Living (CD van de week)

John Hayes Project – All your dreams

Black Crowes – Struttin’Blues

The Flower Kings – Dark Fascist Skies

Metallica – For whom the bell tolls

Eat the Gun – Loner

Darkhaus – Break down the walls (CD van de week)

Ayreon – Progressive Waves

Lita Ford – Close my eyes forever

Fates Warning – I Am

White Lion – Broken Heart

Die Krupps – Nocebo

In Extremo – Erdbeermund

Mad Max – Bring on the night

Rhapsody of Fire – Rising from Tragic Flames

Iron Maiden – Alexander the Great

Gang Green – Why should you care

Flotsam & Jetsam – Saturdaynight’s allright for fighting

Sights & Sounds – Poli’s Song

Nasty Savage – Return of the Savage

Human Fortress – Gladiator of Rome

Paradise Lost – Loneliness Remains

Pro-Pain – Deathwish

Betzefer – The devil went down to holy Land

Artillery – Wardrum Heartbeat

Izegrim – Relic of the Past

Warbringer – The Turning of the Gears

Massacra – Apocalyptic Warriors

Heart of A Coward – Prey


Date :16-11-2013

Time : 20-23 uur

Georgia Satellites – Don’t pass me by

John Norum – We will be strong

My Son The Bum – Everyday’s like Halloween..

Terry Reid – Gimme Some Lovin’

Within Temptation – Ice Queen

The Prodigal Sons – Don’t Know Why

Ugly Kid Joe – No One Survives

Skid Row – In A Darkened Room

Magnum – See how they Fall

Eat The Gun – Addiction (CD vd Week)

Asia – Little Rich Boy

The John Hayes Project feat. T.I.M. - You’re so Beautiful

The Flower Kings – Sleeping Bones

Glenn Hughes – Highball Shooter

Good Things End – End of Story

Eat the Gun – At the end of the Day (CD vd week)

Lostprophets -  Burn Burn

Darkhaus – Don’t close your eyes

Dio – Stand up and shout

Benedictum – Benedictum

Die Krupps – Nazis auf Speed

Place Vendome – Broken Wings

Rhapsody of Fire – Angel of Light

Only Fate Remains – Shallow water

M.O.D. – Race against the Mac Machine

Human Fortress – Child of War

Evergrey – Monday Morning Apocalypse

Pro-Pain – Emerge

Epica – Semblance of Liberty

Warbringer – One Dimension

Toxic Holocaust – I Serve

To Elysium – Dana in Darkness

Crystal Viper – Mark of the Horned one

Hang the Bastard – Sweet Mother

Torture Killer – A Violent Scene of Death

Abramelin – Deprived of Afterlife

Satan’s Wrath – Only Satan is Lord

Impending Doom – My Own Maker

A Breach of Silence – Blind


Date :23-11-2013

Time : 20-23 uur

AC/DC – Big Gun

Sex Pistols – EMI

Dilana – Woman I Am

Bachman Turner Overdrive – Takin’Care of Business

Steve Perry – You Better Wait

Joey Ramone – I get knocked down (but I’ll get up again)

Ajenda – Hatred and Greed

Reo Speedwagon – Take it on the Run (live)

Angelica – Riding out the Storm

Eat the Gun – Hot Blood

Ted Nugent – Just what the doctor ordered (live)

Black Sabbath – God is Dead

Def Leppard – Photograph (live)

Mr.Big – Shy Boy (live)

Benedictum – Evil that we Do (CD vd Week)

Royal Hunt – One minute left to live

Silent Force – Circle of Trust

Motörhead – End of Time

Benedictum – Obey (CD vd Week)

Poundhound – Jumpin’

Mötley Crue – Looks that kill

Rhapsody of Fire – Sad Mystic Moon

Human Fortress – Child of War

Ratt – Round & Round

Pantera – Mouth for War

Iron Mask – Run to Me

Red Fang – Behind the Light

ASG – Scrappy’s Trip

Realm – Slay the Oppressor

ProPain – Under the Gun

Pungent Stench – Daddy Cruel

A Breach of Silence – Blind

The Gathering – Stonegarden

Black Messiah – Edmund von Ostanglien

Malevolence – In the face of Death

Massacra – Troop of Death

Weekend Nachos – You’re not Punk

Winds of Plague – Say hello to the Undertaker


Date : 30-11-2013

Time : 20-23 uur

Reo Speedwagon – Don’t Let him Go (live)

Herman Brood – Rock ‘n Roll junkie

John Hayes Project feat. T.I.M. – Carbon Footprint

Robin Trower – Day of the Eagle

Queensryche – Bridge

George Thorogood & the Destroyers – Down in the Bottom

Angelica – Breaking my heart

Ted Nugent – Motorcity Madhouse

Rainbow – Eyes of the World

Darkhaus – Ghost

The Wounded – The Real

Vengeance – Raintime

Mother’s Finest – Piece of the Rock

John Hayes interview – Part 1

John Hayes Project feat. T.I.M. – Try to love again

John Hayes interview – Part 2

John Hayes Project feat. T.I.M. – All Your Dreams

John Hayes interview – Part 3

Mother’s Finest – Power

John Hayes interview – Part 4

Mother’s Finest – Fire

Eat the Gun – Apocalyptic Blues

Clutch – Crucial Velocity

Die Krupps – Panik

Annihilator – Phantasmagoria

Motörhead – Coup de Grace

Benedictum – Scream

Hell – Darkhangel

Silent Force – You gotta kick it

Crystal Viper – Julia is Possessed

Heathen – Kill the king

Artillery – Anna Requim

Deicide – In the minds of Evil (CD vd Week)

Heart of a coward – Mirrors

Massacra – Dream of Violence

Deicide – Misery of One (CD vd Week)

Winds of Plague – One foot in the grave