Oktober 2014




Date : 04-10-2014

Time : 20-23 uur

Journey – Seperate Ways

Iron Maiden – Wasted Years

Weezer – Back to the Shack

Crying Wood – The sun is filled with love

Pearl Jam – Spin the black circle

Erwin Nyhoff – Empty Highway

Nickelback – What are you waiting for

Dennis DeYoung – Blue Collar Man (live)

The Tea Party – Submission

Opeth – Cusp of Eternity

Nicke Borg Homeland – Out of Line

AC/DC – She likes Rock ’n Roll

Pennywise – Bro Hymn Tribute

Dalton – Up & Down

Finch – Back to Oblivion (CD vd Week)

Allen/Lande – Down from the mountain

Lordi – House of Ghosts

Nitrogods – Got Pride

Amaranthe – Drop dead cynical

Finch – Picasso Trigger (CD vd Week)

Dio – Rainbow in the Dark

Unisonic – When the deed is done

Riot – Bring the hammer down

Amulet – Mark of Evil

Lord Vulture – Where the enemy sleep

Maxwell – Fuck it

Mob Rules – Lights Out

Sanctuary – Question Existence Fading

Philm – Fire from the evening Sun

Loudness – Got to be strong

Tiamat – Whatever that hurts

Machinae Supremacy – Beyond good & evil

Sepultura – Under Siege

Num Skull – Rigor Mortis

Possessed – Holy Hell

Anaal Nathrakh – Unleash

Vesania – Fading

Dark Fortress – Luciform


Date : 11-10-2014

Time : 20-23 uur

Pearl Jam – Go (live)

The Hives – Hate to say I told you so

AC/DC – Play Ball

The Ramones – Spiderman

Alice in Chains – Grind

Prodigal Sons – Shut your mouth (vinyl)

Weezer – Back tot hes hack

Y & T – I believe in you

Dennis DeYoung – Foolin’Yourself

Nickelback – What are you waiting for

Vega – With both hands

AC/DC – rock or Bust

Enchant – Transparent Man

Saxon – Motorcycle Man

Clutch – Book Saddle and go

Dalton – Bad Love

Allen/Lande – The Great Divide (CD vd Week)

Avenue of the Giants – #FTW

Rainbow – A light in the black

Mob Rules – My Kingdom Come

Nitrogods – Rats and Rumours

Thomsen – One

Lyriel – Numbers

Allen/Lande – The Hymn to the Fallen (CD vd Week)

Finch – Two guns to the temple

Amulet – Bloody Ngiht

Megadeth – Hangar 18

Black Veil Brides – Heart of fire

Lordi – How to slice a whore

Riot – Ride hard live Free

Sanctuary – Frozen

Emercency Gate – The Beginning

Vio-lence – Calling in the coroner

Sick of tit all – Beltway Getaway

A Breach of Silence – Hang em High

Num Skull – Ritually Abused

Anaal Nathrakh – Unleash

Cannibal Corpse – Kill or Become

Revocation – The Blackest Reaches

Vesania – Notion


Date : 18-10-2014

Time : 20-23 uur

UFO – Too hot to Handle

The Offspring – All I Want

Seether – Same Damn Life

Thin Lizzy – Cold Sweat

Shinedown – Second Chance

The Tea Party – Water’s on fire

AC/DC – Play Ball

Pearl Jam – Present Tense

Triumph – Hold On

Fyre! – No Happiness

Rose Tattoo – Sidewalk Sally

Heart – Even it up (live)

Dennis DeYoung – Rockin the paradise

Dio – Holy Diver

Nicke Borg Homeland – Midsummer Mad

Amaranthe – Trinity

Rated X – This is who I am (CD vd Week)

Avenue of the Giants – So you’d like to think

Jaded Heart – Never Free

Devin Townsend Project – Rejoice

Elise – Careless Rat

Ratex X – Maybe Tonight (CD vd Week)

Crazy Lixx – Sound of the loud minority

Mob Rules – Dead Man’s Face

Finch – Two guns to the temple

Amulet – Bloody Night

After Forever – Semblance of Confusion

Riot – Land of the rising sun

Exodus – Salt the wound

King Diamond – sleepless nights

Myrkur – Ma du Braende i Helvede

Testament – More than meets the Eye

A Breach of Silence – The Darkest Road

Emergency Gate – Going Under

At the Gates – At war with Reality

Job for a cowboy – The Stone Cross

Vesania – Notion

Revocation – United Helotry

Anaal Nathrakh – Idol


Date : 25-10-2014

Time : 20-23 uur

Smashing Pumpkins – Bullet with butterfly wings

Johnny Gallagher & Boxtie – Mr.George

AC/DC – Play Ball

Black Out – Sexy Sadie

Pearl Jam – Mind your manners

Shiver – Falling Down

Seether – Same Damn Life

Heart – Stairway To Heaven (live)

Van Zant – Oklahoma

Fyre! – Watch me close the door

Magnum – Born to be king

Trail of Dead – A million random digits

Vega – The wild the Weird The Wond

Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell

Volbeat – A Warrior’s Call

Whitesnake – Love ain’t no stranger (live)

Vengeance – Sandman

Amaranthe – Digital World (CD vd Week)

Rated X – Peace of Mind

Crazy Lixx – Hell raising Women

White Zombie – Thunderkiss 65

Amaranthe – Danger Zone (CD vd Week)

Triosphere – Death of Jane Doe

Paradise Lost – Once Solemn

Devin Townsend Project – March of the Poozers

Sanctuary – The wold is wired

Gus G/Mats Leven – Redemption

Machinae Supremacy – The Second One

Bloodbound – Blood of my Blood

King Diamond – Black Horsemen

Exodus – Blood in Blood Out

A breach of Silence – TPNE

Starkill – Breaking the Madness

In Flames – Take this Life

Cripper – Tourniquet

Downfall of Gaia – Of stillness and solitude