September 2015




Date : 05-09-2015

Time : 20-23 uur

Thin Lizzy – Killer on the Loose

Zebrahead – Playmate of the Year

Shinedown – Cut the Cord

Boston –We’re Ready

Papa Roach – Last Resort

Slash’s Snakepit – Be The Ball

Ugly Kid Joe – She’s Already Gone (CD vd Week)

The Godz – Gotta Keep A Runnin’

Riverside – Lost

42 Decibel – Drop of Booze

Ugly Kid Joe – Hell Ain’t Hard To Find (CD Vd Week)

Nightwish – Bless the Child

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Megadeth – 99 Ways to Die

Dead Lord – Don’t Give A Damn

Audrey Horne – Out of the City

Alice in Chains – Queen of the Rodeo

Operation Mindcrime – Life or Death

Motörhead – Victory or Die

Five Finger Death Punch – Jekyll and Hyde

Iron Maiden – Speed of Light

Dream Theater – Pull me under

21 Octayne – Devil in Disquise

Lynch Mob – Between the Truth And a Lie

Dawn of Destiny – Fire

Deadly Alliance – Breaking the Silence

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Raven – Life’s a Bitch

Axxis – Take my Hand

Black Temple – Unlikely Event

The Great Discord – The Aging Man

Harlott – Proliferation

Slayer – Cast the First Stone

Cemetary of Scream – Breeze

Hammercult – Saturday Night Circle Pit Fight

Battlecross – The Path

Myrkur – Jeg er Guden I er Tjenerne

Wolfheart – Last of All Winters

The Black Dahlia Murder – Threat Level Number Three

Warlord UK – Disintegration

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Date : 12-09-2015

Time : 20-23 uur

Green Day – Holiday (live)

Extreme – Suzie (wants her all day what)

Ugly Kid Joe – Nothing Ever Changes

Samson – Earth Mother

Living Colour – Cult of Personality

Rob Tognoni – Time Flies

Devil City Angels – Boneyard (CD vd Week)

Black Out – Wishing Well

The Brandos – The Siege

Devil City Angels – Numb (CD vd Week)

Riverside – Under the Pillow

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Metal Church – Fake Healer

Jac Dalton – Hardcore Superstar

Operation Mindcrime –Re-inventing the Future

Infernorama -  The Long Road Home

Black Bone – Nothing bout History

Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls

21 Octayne – Love’s Just a Heartbreak Away

Dawn of Destiny – To Hell

Mad Max – Never Say Never

Motörhead – Shoot out all the lights

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Grip Inc – Paint it Black

Symphorce – Fallen

Deadly Alliance – Breaking the Silence

Denner/Shermann – Satan’s Tomb

Harlott – Systematic Reduction

Slayer – Take Control

Butcher Babies – For the Fight

Mercyful Fate – Is that you, Melissa

Sepultura – Roots Bloody Roots

Enfeeble – Epidemidia

Wolfheart – Resistance

Warlord UK – Disintegration

Black Dahlia Murder – Abysmall

Black Tongue – The Masquerade

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Date : 19-09-2015 (Classic Rocktrax 20-22 hr with guesthost Jan vd Velde/Vechtdal FM sport)

Time : 20-23 uur

Black Sabbath – Children of the Grave

Kiss – Hotter than Hell (live)

Thin Lizzy – Emerald (live)

The Godz – Under the Table

Judas Priest – Diamonds and Rust

AC/DC – Bad Boy Boogie (live)

Foghat – Honey Hush (live)

Iron Maiden – The Prisoner

Beasty Boys – No Sleep Till Brooklyn

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Metallica – Creeping Death

Slayer – Raining Blood

Megadeth – Anarchy in the UK

Neil Young – Rocking in the Free World

Anthrax – Only

Green Day – Coming Clean

The Offspring – Self Esteem

Limp Biskit – Nookie

Heideroosjes – United Scum

Race Against the Machine – Killing in the Name

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Coal Chamber – Glow

Queensryche – Guardian

Axxis – Living in a World

Operation Mindcrime –Hearing Voices

Raven – Feeding the Monster

Accuser – Head like a hole

Denner/Shermann – War Witch

Slayer –Atrocity Vendor

Harlott – The Fading Light

Grave – Massgrave Mass (CD vd Week)

Brujeria – Brujerizmo

Grave – Redeemed through Hate (CD vd Week)

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Date : 25-09-2015

Time : 20-23 uur

Kiss – Strutter

Red Hot Chilipeppers – Coffee Shop

Danko Jones – The Twisting Knife

Reo Speedwagon – Take it on the Run

Van Halen – She’s the Woman

Delain – Start Swimming

Ugly Kid Joe – Bad Seed

Guns n’Roses – The Garden

Voodoo Hill – Waterfall (CD vd Week)

Devil City Angels – Bad Decisions

Helloíse – So Close to Love

Thunder – Stand Up (live)

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Elise – Lights

Jac Dalton – Powderkeg

Joel Hoekstra’s 13 – Never Say Never

Voodoo Hill – Karma Go (CD vd Week)

Queensryche – Toxic Remedy

Peter Pan Speedrock – Resurrection

Motörhead – Tell me who to Kill

Christian Mistress – Walkin’Round

Stryper – Pride

Megadeth – Set the World a fire

Blackbone – Nothing but History

Steeler – Rockin’The City

Stormbringer – Rise

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Diamond Head – Shoot out the Lights

Exodus – A Lesson in Violence

Jimm – Je cherche a M’endormir

Harlott – Legion

Denner/Shermann – New Gods

Slayer – You against You

Angelus Apatrida – Serpents on Parade (live)

Ektomorf – Agressor

Boltthrower – Inside the Wire

Malevolent Creation – Fragmental Sanity

Grave – Redeemed Through Hate

Heart of a Coward – Mouth of Madness

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