September 2013


Date : 7-9-2013

Time : 20-23

No Fronts By Dog Eat Dog

Violet By Hole

Devil's Paradise By Ugly kid joe

Stone Cold Fever (live at Fillmore)By Humble pie

Outta Space By Van Halen 

Forever You Forever Me By Little River Band 6

Drive  By Anneke van Giersbergen 

Heat Of The Moment By Asia

Atlas Stone By Haken

Woman I Am By Dilana


Back in Black (Iive) By AC/DC

The Prisoner (Live) By Iron Maiden

Let Go By Fergie Frederiksen

Sun Is Shining  By Girl On Top

Killing Time By Metallica

Chatterbox  By New York Dolls

Where dreams go Die By Queensryche

Symphony Of Sin By Eden's Curse (CD of the week)

No good story ever starts with drinking tea By Turisas

The Gathering By Delain

Call of the Unborn By Harrow

Turn the page By Eden's Curse (CD of the week)

A Buried Sun By In Solitude

Metal Thrashing Mad By Anthrax

The Poet and the Parrot By BOMBUS

Valkyrja By Týr

The Last Bewitchment  By Penumbra

Enemy of my Enemy  By Onslaught

Through the eyes of Greed By Sadus

Hot Wired By Volture

Shine (2011) By Propain

Red Hatchet By The Safety Fire

Mythos By Vattnet Viskar

Waiting To Be Destroyed By Brutality


Date : 14-9-2013

Time : 20-23

Out in the fields By Gary Moore & Phil Lynnot

Queen of sheba By Divin' Ducks

Drive By Anneke van Giersbergen

Woke Up This Morning by Nazareth

Bring Me To Life  By Evanescence

Knockdown Dragout By Sammy Hagar

No One Survives  By Ugly kid joe

Animal By Def Leppard

Blown Away By Coney Hatch


As the last teardrop falls  By Vengeance

Down & Dirty By Coney Hatch

In Memoriam By Haken

IRON HORSE By Motorhead

Change Comes Around By Harem Scarem

Be The Ball By Slash 's Snakepit


Don't Cry When I Die By Frankenstein

Masquerade By Sinner

Razed To The Ground By Pinkish Black

Devil's Island By Megadeth

A Buried Sun By In Solitude

Break The Silence By Eden's Curse

Smash 'm Back By Doppelgangers

In the name of the father and the gun By Lääz Rockit

Welcome to the new underground By Wardog

Master the reality By BOMBUS

Riding on a razorblade By Stainless Steel

Beware the leopard By The Safety Fire

Circle of TyrantsBy Celtic Frost

Low Life By Death

Captive Bold Pistol By Carcass

New Alchemy By Vattnet Viskar

Carrion Call By EXHUMED

The Ancient Ones By Morbid Angel


Date : 21-9-2013

Time : 20-23

Part 1 By Interview Whitfield Crane

Devil's Paradise By Ugly kid joe

Part 2 By Interview Whitfield Crane

Everything About You By Ugly kid joe

Part 3 By Interview Whitfield Crane

No One Survives By Ugly kid joe

Part 4 By Interview Whitfield Crane

I'm AllrightBy Ugly kid joe

Bad On Fords And Chevrolets By Sammy Hagar

BARK AT THE MOON By Ozzy Osbourne

Something Or Nothing By Uriah Heep

We Want More By Coney Hatch

Empty Promises (2013) By Harem Scarem

Superunknown By Soundgarden

Sign Of The Cross By Eden's Curse

Season Of Change By Stratovarius

Hey Man, Nice Shot By Filter

Horses in the Ground By In Solitude

As Long As I Fall By Helloween

Battle Maximus By Gwar

Metal Meltdown By Judas Priest

ExcaliburBy Grave Digger

Code Red (live) By Sodom

Rise By Pinkish Black

Danger Comeback By Steeler

The Last Time By Ni Hao!

Lady of the Slain By Týr

Madness at the lore of time By Gwar

Essence By Sight of Emptiness (feat. W. Crane)

Astral Sleep By Primitive Man

Mechanic Domination By Kill Division

Apex  By Vattnet Viskar

Confronting Entropy By Ulcarate


Date : 28-9-2013

Time : 20-23

Rock And Roll By Led Zeppelin

We Are The Others By Delain

Devil's Paradise By Ugly kid joe

Action By Sweet

China By Prodigal Sons

Not Going Down By Sammy Hagar

Drive By Anneke van Giersbergen

Rock Me Baby By Jimi Hendrix Experience


Sick of this game By BLACK EXPLOSION

MY MISERY By Phantom Blue

Hold Me To The Sky By Spiral Arms

Bring Out the rebel By Sleez Beez

FEELGOOD HIT OF THE SUMMER By Queens of the Stone Age

Heartbroke & Busted By Magnum

Saviors Never Cry By Harem Scarem

Blown Away By Coney Hatch

Solid as A Rock By Jurassic Park

Drugs & Alcohol By Spiral Arms

Cosmogony By Helloise


Motorbreath By Metallica

Ten More Miles By Turisas

Welcome home (Sanitarium) By Tribute to Metallica feat. Whitfield Crane

Blood Like Cream By Red Fang

Darts By System Of A Down

Eternal Dark By Picture

On The Edge By Vicious Rumors

World of Shit By Nailbomb

Speak Up By Abacinate

Nothing left Alive By Gwar

Come To The Sabbath By Mercyful Fate

Treatments of Pain By Pungent Stench

In the Beginning  By Amorphis

Essence By Sight of Emptiness

Woodbine By Windhand

Confronting Entropy By Ulcerate

Soil and Seed By Rivers of Nihil